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Welcome to the Wiki of Soul Forge 3.
Soul Forge is a Persistent World and active since 2002.

Live-View to our Server (click here for portraits)

Content of the Wiki

  1. Basics
    1. Hak files: All the files you need to be able to log in
    2. Changelog: Recent changes
  2. Contests
    1. List of completed Contests
    2. no active contests
  3. Server & Client related topics
    1. GOG CD Key: Login with the GOG key will be disabled soon. Please read here what to do
    2. Suggestions & Comments: Put your Suggestions here
    3. Services for players: what we offer you additionally
    4. Facebook Group: Facebook Group (PC)
    5. Facebook Group: Facebook Group (mobile)
    6. Window Mode: How to activate Windowed Mode
  4. World related topics
    1. Information and Introduction: The original information to Soul Forge
    2. Soul Forge specific information: SF specific items, spells ...
      1. Changes to Classes: some class adjustments
      2. Uncapped Spells
      3. Commitment Stones
      4. Chat Commands
      5. Horses: yes! we have also horses!
      6. Items: List of items incl. properties (drops, merchants, tradeskill)
      7. Market: Ingame Market for items you like to sell.
      8. Quests: List of our quests
    3. Mapping: out of game & ingame
      1. Map of Arkon
      2. Ingame Maps
      3. Soul Forge Worldmap
      4. Directions: how to get to some places
      5. Dungeons: character level range & how to get there
    4. Tradeskills: things you can craft including ingrediences
      1. Alchemy
      2. Baking and Brewing
      3. Enchanting
      4. Gem Crafting
      5. Metal Craft
      6. Scribing
      7. Tailoring
      8. Tinkering
      9. Wood Crafting
      10. Gathering: where to find the ingredients
    5. Lore
      1. Creation of the World
      2. Pantheon Lore
      3. The Birth of Zeeks
      4. Races
      5. The Soulforger
    6. Changelog

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