Chat Commands

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There are a few commands which can be entered in chat to get some secret functions. My apologies, they are no longer secret now it seems.


!time tells you the server uptime
!players lists the currently online players with level
!p lists the currently online players with level (short form of !players)

Invisible helmet / cloak

Have the advantages of a helmet without the ugly looks.

!helmet toggles your equipped helmet to be visible or not.
!cloak toggles your equipped cloak to be visible or not.

Persistent storage

!s can be used instead of !storage.

!storage your default storage chest appears
!storage name1 a chest with the name name1 appears
!storage name2 name1 gets saved, a different chest with the name name2 appears
!storage the chest disappears, the content is saved
!storage list you will get a list of names of boxes you already have
!storage search keyword searches for an item in the currently active chest and returns how many there are. the 'keyword' can be a case insensitive part of an item name. 'aloe' would find Aloe Leaf. Only works for one item type at a time, meaning if you have two types of leaf in your box searching for 'leaf' would only give you the count of the first item type encountered.
!storage take keyword Moves the items found for the keyword from the box to your inventory.
!storage take keyword:10 Moves 10 of the items found for the keyword from the cxhest to your inventory. Note the : between keyword and number. No spaces there.

Spellbooks (deactivated on 1.74 at the moment)

Save and restore spellbooks for characters with casting classes. The spellbooks are character specific.

!spellbook empty your current spellbook slots will be emptied
!spellbook write name1 your current spellbook is saved under name1
!spellbook read name1 your spellbook 'name1' will be loaded into your spellbook
!spellbook list shows a list of names of spellbooks you already have
!spellbook delete name deletes the spellbook with that name

Arcane Archer: Seeker Arrow

Chat commands that only work if you have the Arcane Archer class.

!aa gives you a list of additional variables you can choose from to enhance your arrows further. This feature can be activated if you use the feat 'Seeker Arrow' on yourself.
!aa cold enchant your current stack of arrows with cold damage
!aa fire enchant your current stack of arrows with firedamage
!aa electrical enchant your current stack of arrows with electrical damage
!aa acid enchant your current stack of arrows with acid damage
!aa slow enchant your arrows with a slow effect

Labeling Pen

You can buy a pen in the Lounge from Rogerrio Rodgedoddyskin which can be used to label bags and boxes.
The following command has to be entered in chat before performing the labeling with the pen.
!l can be used instead of !label.

!label 'bestname' After using the pen on a bag or box, it will have the new name 'bestname' instead of 'Large Box' or similar

Remove Flame Weapon Effect

!noflame Your weapon looses the flame effect from flame weapon or dark flame.


!price 123 The next item you will put into your Market Chest, will be set to 123gp.

Delevel a Character

!delevel Your character will be deleveled one level. Just 1xp below the next level. Does not work for characters with RDD levels

Delete a Character (deactivated on 1.74 at the moment)

!delete 'Character name' Your Character gets deleted, due to that you get booted from the server. Please wait ten seconds before connecting again! 'Character name' needs to be full name, case sensitive, don't type the '.
Please note: If you delete your character all its data will be deleted. If you start a new character with the same name, e,g, your Tradeskill xp are also gone.


Hirbag is special. Hirbag is an NPC who can help you in different ways. He is standing in the Lounge, to the right of the location where you enter the world.

  1. You can store your gold in his vault of the HirBank (and can access it with every character on your account)
  2. You can update your items (incase updates have been made):
    1. For item updating, just place your item into the box behind Hirbag.
  3. Note: Hirbag no longer deletes your character if needed. There is a new command for that now.
Hirbag deposit 1000 1000 gp will be transfered into your "bank" account
Hirbag withdraw 500 You withdraw 500 gp from your account
Hirbag balance In the action log, your current balance is shown.

In the Market you can also find John within the HirBank. He is a partner of Hirbag and you can communicate similar to him. Just use his name John when talking to him. He will only help you in regard to your HirBank-Account.